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Has your home or property been damaged by flooding, burst pipes, broken
appliances, or even heavy rainfall? If so, don’t wait to file an insurance claim.
43% of homeowners have dealt with water damage or the problems that come
along with home flooding. Don’t deal with these problems alone. Don’t wait.

The team at Kling Law is standing by to help you file your claim with your insurance company.

Feel Like You’re Drowning In Complicated Insurance Policies?

9 out of 10 policy holders are confused by vague or difficultto-understand
insurance policies. To a first- or second-time
claimant, many of the exclusions and legal jargon may seem
overwhelming or make little to no sense. In fact, policies
that are difficult to understand are often purposefully
designed to be complicated to allow an insurance company
to deny part, or even all, of a claim because of a technicality.

Get the help you need from the seasoned professionals. Partner with Florida’s most experienced insurance law firm to help handle your claim.

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What All Goes Into These Claims?

Not only do you need to communicate frequently with your insurance adjuster, you also need to complete the requested paperwork, compile
recorded statements and photos of the damage, find and send photos of your property before the damage - and possibly more! It can be a lot to handle without the proper help. Get help from experienced insurance claim professionals to make sure your claim ready to submit so it can be processed quickly.

Kling Law will assist through the entire insurance claim process so you get your payout quickly

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